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The Eastman Kodak Company (referred to simply as Kodak ) is an American public company that produces various products related to its historic basis in analogue photography. The company is headquartered in Rochester, New York, and is incorporated in New Jersey. Kodak provides packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and professional services for businesses around the world.

A former photographer mentioned, "Management at Kodak was lazy and had no respect for their workers. A few good managers among the lot. Their cameras are in poor shape and computers were very outdated leading to a slow work environment that required a fast paced one."


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Photographer says

"We are sorry to hear you did not find your experience with Kodakit favorable. It is important to note that rates vary by photoshoot duration, location and customer volume. Kodakit is a marketplace that connects businesses with pre-vetted photographers. Photographers provide availability and location coverage when they sign up. Jobs are broadcasted to Photographers who meet the criteria. The photographer can then accept or decline the job. If there are concerns with jobs broadcasted to your profile, please contact your Community Manager or email marketing@kodakit.com so we can better assist you. To better understand the Kodakit operating model please visit: https://www2.kodakit.com/. We certainly hope future assignments broadcasted to you will be a better fit."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much left of the company."

Electrical Engineering Maintenance Crew leader (Former Employee) says

"The company were downsizing at the time of my employment. The older employees whom had worked there for years and years were in fear of losing there livelihood. So they were not sharing information nor were they happy to see a younger person on the job making a third of what they were making. threat to them and treated theThank you for your review. We take feedback very seriously and are committed to Equal Opportunity Employment. Right sizing the organization to meet fluctuating customer demands and keeping a focus on the company’s strategic priorities is important for Kodak’s sustainability into the future."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management is god awful. No raises. Always increasing demand with no extra incentive. Only hear about the negatives, you never hear anything positive.NoneToo manyWe appreciate your review. We’re sorry to hear you did not experience a satisfactory work environment. We encourage all employees to talk with leadership through our open-door policy or Human Resources. Eastman Kodak Company and its subsidiaries holds itself to the highest of standards. Our Company Values, Business Conduct Guide and EOE policy outline expected behaviors. We encourage our employees to report workplace concerns to any of the following: Supervision via our Open-Door Policy Human Resources Business Conduct Help line: U.S. call toll free at 866-480-6134 or from other worldwide locations, call collect at (704) 943-1130 U.S. call toll free at 866-480-6134) EOE Hotline: Ext. 41221 / (585) 724-1221 / (888) 500-6917"

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"First job in the USA, Challenging work condition in 30+ degrees heat. Difficult transportation to work site. Good benefits though. I wouldn't want to work there again.Good benefitsLow salary, difficult work conditionsThank you for your recent post, you may have been looking for Kodak Alaris – Event Imaging Solutions that provides photography services at many major attraction sites."

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Management was lazy and had no respect for their workers. A few good managers among the lot. Their cameras are in poor shape and computers were very outdated leading to a slow work environment that required a fast paced one.Free admission to Six FlagsFar too many to list"

Manufacturing Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not a professional environment to work in. Hours are long and stressful with low salary. To much fraternization between management and lower level employee's. I would not recommend Kodak as a place of employment.NoneEverything"

Regional Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"A great job for a company that eventually went under. During my time I learned more about Quality control and leadership then for any other company... Miss KodakThe JobWent out of business"

Event Steward (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I have ever had management are poor hours long without any real reward at the end of it and was never paid the salary I was due to get each monthGreat places to visitLong gours"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst job I've ever had. If you like working in a place where people stab you in the back, and no matter what you do it isn't good enough, then this is the place to be. Save yourself the trouble, don't work here. Company is dying anyway."

Safety, Environmental and Hazmat Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working for Kodak to anyone ever. Always someone looking over your work and second guessing your work and others. Mostly management style as they were always in fear of losing their job.Can't think of anything positiveLeadership from the top down"

n.a (Former Employee) says

"I was offered a job with Kodak and moved across the country only to be told the day I got into town that I will not be working from the company. RUN away from this company. If you tell anyone in Rochester that you got a job with Kodak they will laugh and said don't believe it until you actually start."

Trainer and Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"I saw this company change rapidly over 7 years. Although I was a victim of downsizing, I observed a culture of management that rewarded consistency - meaning do what we've always done because the Kodak way is proven. This inflexibility is what caused the company to die. I miss working here though. It was unique.The name and the prestigeInstability and no long term vision"

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Poor management low pay They Terminate you on the spot for thier own mistakes diffrent directions from diffrent bosses normal pay should be 30 dollars an hour but they will pay you 14 dollars an hourfor any one seeking to make more moneyyou dont advance in this company"

Printhead Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The people at Kodak are absolutely great. Company had a wealth of resources.resourcestop heavy and managemennt only slows/stops productivity"

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"The former CEO was a moron and the management was even worse. Surprised company has not gone back into bankruptcy and closed the doors.noneterrible work enviroment. poor management"

Film Testing Technician (Former Employee) says

"poor lost job due to poor management and was hoping to end my career there lile so many other peopleovertime and great peoplemanagement was very poor"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"The enjoyable part of the job was working with co workers and servicing equipment at customer sites. Enjoyed working with customers and repairing/troubleshooting/maintaining equipment. Unfortunately, the company , to keep profitable would lay off workers,sell assets, etc. Not a fan of the way their CEO is handling the business. Should have stepped down a long time ago. Drove the business to chapter 11 and caused a lot of lost jobs/hardship for families already struggling.use of company vehicle, meeting and working with customers, field freedom, fellow employees, technology challenges.declining business and poor upper management decisions ."

Film technician (Former Employee) says

"If it wasnt for the people that you worked with to make it through the day. The atmosphere wasnt good.good team workconstant downsizings"

Supervisor/Lead Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Didnt keep up with technology and the digital age. Got outmatched by other camera companys like canon and nikon."

Supervisor/Lead Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Only work here if this is your only option other than mcdonalds"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is going over our work schedule for day or night then going to work.I learn recently how to make some of our film products.My coworkers are my friends here and outside.These people are down to earth and very friendly and when if I needed help there was always someone there to help.Hardest part of my job is working nights.The most enjoyable part of my job are the people that I work with.being able to train on a new jobs whenever i canwork schedule is too heavy can't get a good break or lunch."

Tim Berry says

"Wasted 40mins trying to get photos printed at a kiosk. Failed on all eight upload methods. Useless"

Elaine Lyons says

"Very poor quality. Battery lid snap does not scew in correctly. LED headlamp HL03"

Mark says

"Kodak Premium Puzzles are a disaster... Route66 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle I purchased... Pieces are not cut evenly... Never seen pieces misalign as badly as these... A lot of work to come away incomplete and frustrated...! Very disappointed...!"

Zia Karim says


Carita says

"No stars!!! Their printer sucks and the pricing is way over the top when it takes hours to calibrate the print head. Please as a customer of convenience for putting up with it over the years, do not and I repeat do not waste your money!!!!!! They're useless and not worth your chump change to stay in business. When I asked for help on their product, I was advised to go look online and no longer offer help on their printer Kodak ESP 7 AIO! WOW!!!! It is your product PEOPLE!!!"

Jim Shortz says

"A dead horse wanna be printing company."

Richard says

"After finding that the (expensive) cartridges do not last very long, the print quality is poor and the WiFi connection is unreliable, I decided to replace this printer with a cheaper, B/W laser by another manufacturer. I thought I would keep the ESP 1.2 purely as a scanner. As the printer/PC connection is 'dodgy' (both WiFi and USB) I investigated scanning directly to an SD memory card and was pleased that the ESP 1.2 could do this. However, when I tried to do this, the scanner went through the motions but gave an error message saying it had failed to scan to memory card. I give up. Do not waste your money on this poor machine!"

Raymond Hall says

"Do Not Trust Kodak for Printers I bought a Kodak ESP 7200 printer and it has been absolutely dreadful. It was not cheap but promised lots of printing from the (very expensive) cartridges. This was a complete lie. I would estimate about 4 or 5 black/white pages before the warnings came. DO NOT TRUST KODAK. Useless"

Tama Seppy says

"My beloved printer broke down, 2 looong hours later, it was established that it was broken and I needed a replacement. It took 4 days and many live chat’s to place the order. Then they had a problem with my address, so I am still waiting nearly a fortnight later. They keep promising email updates (that never arrive), when I phone them they just apologise and tell me to wait ‘some’ more. When I phoned today (after holding for 10 minutes), I was told that my order may just be cancelled! It seems that correcting their mistake is just too complicated for them. Would not recommend dealing with Kodak directly to ANYONE EVER!!!"

Rachel Pollock says

"I would give a minus ZERO or negative STARS if the system would let me. Do NOT waste your time and make sure to lock your cash and credit cards away. My printer was shipped without ink when there was suppose to be ink packets in the box. Their personnel can not decipher Walmart.com's orders/receipts. So far their personnel is unable to read Walmart.com's receipts aka orders, the emails from Walmart.com, the dates from Walmart.com, or recognize the pictures in the Walmart.com A's order forms. YES, you read that right a company founded on pictures and photography can not recognize that a big company like Walmart.com might use graphics and pictures on their orders (receipts) instead of a big black and whits blob. So I was asked to print out Walmart.com's receipt and take a picture of it - when they know my new printer has NO ink. And it gets better than that. I am asked how about I print it out and make a copy of the receipt and fax it to them. Like I said, don't waste your time!"

Steve Veck says

"I have always regarded Kodak as a the guru's of imaging etc. I have owned many Kodak products over the years. I had a Kodak Hero 5.1 printer which failed and I subsequently replaced it with a Service Upgrade model Hero 5.1 This one has failed so I contacted Kodak Technical Support and to be fair the Technician took me through Print Head Cleaning but after this failed he suggested another Service replacement. Unfortunately the Hero 5.1 was no longer available and I was advised the Kodak ESP 1.2 had a similar specification. As I had lost many days, from promised return calls from Kodak of which none transpired, by the way ! I eventually ordered the Kodak ESP 1.2 and paid for Express Delivery 1 -2 days delivery @ £4.95 on 12th December it has only just arrived this morning 16th December e.g 4 days later. I opened all the packaging only to note that the Print Head is missing. Having spoke to Kodak Customer Services they are telling me I need to order one. Does this not sound like having a car sent to you without wheels ? I am currently on hold with Kodak at 7p per minute x 44 minutes. I am now wishing I took the advice from an irate Kodak printer customer. He listed a video on Youtube - How to fix a Kodak Printer he then proceeded to explain about all the hassle he'd had getting a fix for his kodak printer and then took a lump hammer to his printer !!! Enough said I feel . Still on hold 55 minutes and waiting ......................"

simon fs says

"I bought a Kodak printer ESP 3250 last year. It has broken down 3 times now due to a faulty printhead.The first time after a long time on the phone I was promised a new printhead would be sent as the printer was under warranty-it never arrived.Eventually after much chasing they did said a new printhead and I changed this and the product worked for a few months until the problem recurred. again after some chasing I was sent another printhead which fixed the problem.Unfortunately this problem has recurred and now the product is out of warranty Kodak are not even willing to reply to my emails.I bought this printer as it supposedly has cheap ink costs-not true as when it was working it got through far more cartridges than I have ever known for a printer.Check out reviews for this product on Amazon and the customer service others have received-I will never buy anything from Kodak again ever! Dreadful service, garbage product!"

John Morris says

"I used to have kodak printers in the past and then they stopped making printers. So when i saw a printer made by them in a large store i bought one mainly because advertised all over the box it said Free ink for 2 years as the printer was more expensive and i live on a pension & diability benefit i though i could afford it if i didn't have to buy any ink for 2 years, After installing the printer i noticed that there was one duel ink cartridge as i knew that was not going to last for 2 years i contacted the company who said that only applies to the USA & canada. even though i bought it in England and sent pictures of the box i did not get any free ink after the first one.There must be something illegal going on here as i bought the printer but have not been able to use it for 6 months as the ink costs £40. I feel cheated and Kodaks once proud name is tarnished in my memory"

Gail Hughes says

"I hardly use my printer - C310, but when it decides my cartridge is empty, there's no way it'll print another page even though the last print was perfect - no fading. Also, when the colour cartridge runs out, it won't even print from the black cartridge. I'm going back to HP when this packs in!"

Buster says

"I bought a printer (£80) about four months ago and it has just gone wrong. After using their on line help I could still not get it to work. Next I used their Web Chat facility, they could not get it to work and said they would replace printer with a refurbished model. I was not entirely happy with that. Would it be all scratched, how much use had it had compared to my little used printer? etc. Anyway decided to go ahead after reassurances. New printer arrived but is completely different model, no ink in it and the inks are more expensive to buy. Why did they not mention this in their web chat. I wanted to speak to someone but there help line is only open Mon - Fri 9.00am till 6.00 pm, how are working people supposed to access this. I cannot use a phone at work so that is really no good to me. What about working saturdays or a late evening? This is not the way to retain customers and because of this I have returned the replacement printer and bought a different make. Is this perhaps the reasons why they have filed for protective bankruptcy. I must be honest and say they were always polite etc and quick in turn around, but why oh why would they not repair my machine and return it, i would have ben happy with that. Very poor would not buy again form them for this reason and obviously their financial state does make you wonder if they will be around to refund in the future if something similar was to happen again."

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